Is the security of your business keeping you up at night? IT organizations struggle to keep pace with more frequent and ever-evolving security threats. Stopping attacks before damage is done requires quick and effective threat detection and response.

The Solution: SPN security experts combined with our MDR, and XDR security analytics platform help thwart attacks across endpoint, network, and cloud. We handle threat monitoring, detection, and response, threat intelligence, threat hunting, incident analysis, and incident response, for our clients by using our custom endpoint detection and response (EDR) or endpoint protection platforms (EPP) and our expertise and dedicated Security Specialists. This platform provides real-time monitoring and detection of ransomware, malware, and other security intrusions with rapid incident response to address and eliminate the threats.

Managed Threat Detection and Response

  • Our Managed Detection and Response team coupled with our custom Extended Detection and Response (XDR) system is a fully managed, end-to-end, 24x7 service that monitors, detects, investigates, and responds to threats across the entire IT environment, helping organizations rapidly and significantly improve their security posture while reducing the burden on IT

Digital Forensics & Security Incident Response (DFIR)

  • Forensic Collection – we collect data from our client IT systems, including operating systems, file systems, and hardware, analyzing it, and reconstruct it for use as evidence in the incident response process
  • Triage and Investigation – we determine whether the organization has been breached and identifying the root cause, scope, timeline, and impact of the incident
  • Notification and Reporting – based on the compliance obligations of the organization, we notify and report on breaches to compliance bodies
  • Incident Follow Up – depending on the nature of the incident we communicate incident status to stakeholders, customers, and make changes to systems and processes to address vulnerabilities

Active and Passive Threat Hunting & Investigation

  • We take a focused, human-led approach for each client, leveraging insights from multiple threat hunts and incident response engagements, and the power of advanced security analytics to process multitudes of data
  • For threat hunting and investigation, we go beyond a simple scan of indicators of compromise
  • We prioritized investigation informed by context and focused on the assets that needs to protect the most
  • Our Security Specialists automatically responds to identified threats by removing or containing them, and notify the appropriate security personnel

Build Cyber resilience

  • Identify – We take stock of our client’s environment. Assess their current data protection and security. Classify different types of data, determine where the types are stored, and evaluate file access permissions
  • Protect – We put defenses in place for our clients by encrypting they data, conduct regular backups, ensure proper infrastructure management, and access control (for example, multiadmin verification, RBAC, MFA), implement perimeter defenses, update vulnerable operating systems and applications, and train our client workforce about cybersecurity best practices
  • Detect – At SPN, we stay one step ahead by implementing systems that identify suspicious activity before it becomes an existential threat. This includes monitoring user behavior and detecting anomalies in storage or file system behavior
  • Respond – Our Cyber Security Specialists know what to do during a crisis. We put together disaster recovery and business continuity plans for our clients and test them constantly, including operational response as well as automated responses. We ensure that all stakeholders know their responsibilities in an emergency. We update plans as threats evolve and lessons are learned in the aftermath of attacks
  • Recover – Our Cyber Recovery tool enables cyber resilience by protecting and isolating critical data from ransomware and other cyber threats by identifying suspicious activity and enabling recovery of known good data and to resume normal business operations quickly and with confidence

6 Key benefits SPN’s MDR Services brings to your organization


Around the clock threat monitoring


Proactive identification of emerging threats


Swift remediation and recovery


Lower cost through economies of scale


Ability to be confident, more secure since threats are stopped earlier and faster


Ability to reinvest your work week since our MDR team never sleeps so that you can

With the cost of an average data breach increasing, now is the time to learn more about whether SPN’s Managed Detection and Response is right for you and your organization