SPN serves as a third-party company that provides day-to-day remote management of our small, medium, and large customers’ Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and end-user systems.

We support over 10,000 Mission Critical end point devices, which proves that we have the People, Process, and Tools to handle Information Technology management services daily. This allows our customer organizations to focus on improving their business and services, and not worry about extended system downtimes, service interruptions, and unpredictable budgeting and billing.

Our MSP services include Remote Support, Proactive Support, Centralized Management, Monitoring, Schedule Management, Backup and Disaster Recovery:

Remote support

  • Our 24/7 Service Desk manage all client devices for issue resolution, reporting, incident resolution compliance supports and perform remote troubleshooting of issues on end point devices
  • SPN technicians and administrators remotely troubleshoot and manage end user computers regardless of their location and we rapidly access endpoints without disrupting users to proactively resolve issues
  • We close tickets in record time within the established Service Level Agreement (SLA) by using our standardize best practices to guarantee excellent service delivery

Proactive support

  • We perform preventative maintenance to stay ahead of any device or network issues that could arise

Centralized Management

  • Using our cutting-edge management console, we centrally manage complex networks, perform remote monitoring
  • We perform Operating System, Software, and infrastructure component patching across platforms, and easily address the complexities of patch deployment to ensure endpoint security
  • We manage ALL DEVICES including mobile, business IoT and beyond
  • We install and manage anti-virus, anti-spam / malware and Host Based Security Systems (HBSS) software


  • SPN offers real-time monitoring of all infrastructure components (end user devices, applications, network devices, servers, computer peripherals, etc) performance metrics (CPU, memory, disk space, uptime, etc.), processes and services, event logs, application, and system changes, and much more

Scheduled Maintenance

  • We offer organizations with regularly scheduled workstation, server, and network maintenance in order to maintain a hygienic Information Technology infrastructure

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Perform remote backup (servers, desktop/laptop) and business continuity solutions

Antiviral Services

  • It has been proven that the diversity of viral attacks has climbed every year and is often difficult for IT teams to keep up with the expanding selection of threats. SPN has the resources to home in on the viruses that pose the most imminent threat to your network and its users
  • We design a portfolio of antiviral services that takes aim at the most salient threats. In addition, general antiviral measures are implemented at various levels and locations within the network
    For example, antiviral solutions can be arranged to meet the protection needs of in-house servers, while different solutions can be designed for cloud servers

6 Key benefits SPN’s MSP Services brings to your IT Environment


Lower technology cost through economies of scale


Efficient delivery of Information Technology services


Experienced and highly specialized support staff


Ability rapidly scale IT needs and services


Knowledge and application of emerging technologies


Visibility into future technology trends and patterns